If required, all MAC3 level regulators may come equipped with a piggy back plug.


If so required, all MAC3 level regulators may come equipped with a piggy back plug. The plug permits pump operation by direct powering from the piggy back plug connected to the float switch and inserted in the power supply, as in the diagram. 


This item is inserted directly onto the level regulator output cable.

Special microswitch

Level regulator with low current microswitch

This version provides the possibility of connecting the level regulator to personal computers or PLC,without the inconvenience common to normal level regulators. The particular type of microswitch (with gold plated contacts) used makes it possible to switch over safely and reliably to voltages as are noted here below:

  • AC: up to 0,1(0,05)A max 250V ~
  • DC: 1mA ÷100mA voltages 5V- ÷ 24V-

Level regulators with microswitch for direct current 

In order to meet the needs of all those who use solar-panel powered pumps, MAC3 has developed regulators equipped with special microswitches, suited to this specific application. 

The features of these microswitches are:
250Vcc- (2,5)Amp. / 150Vcc- (3,5)Amp. / 50Vcc-(10)Amp. Inductive load

Anti-static material 

Special version (for environments that risk explosion) in which the superficial resistance of the regulator needs to be very low in order to avoid the accumulation of electrostatic charges which may generate sparks. Please remember that even if this material does have antistatic features, deflagration must not be automatically considered unlikely.

Optional cable

Level regulators can be furnished with optional cables such as:

  • resistant to particularly aggressive environments
  • resistant to very high temperatures
  • low water absorption


Alarm with and without output relay.

Sentinel 1

The Sentinel 1 alarm is a device developed for use together with autoclave or similar systems in order to signal a lack of or excess of water. The device is powered by the main power supply but is also able to operate without power as it is possible to be fitted with a rechargeable battery (of 9V-110mA.)

Sentinel 2

The Sentinel 2 device is also fitted with an output relay with free contacts, with which it is possible to activate an alarm signal. The output relay works only when it is powered by the main power supply.

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