Wyłączniki pływakowe – MAC3

Cases for electronic

2M DIN CASE Container for electronic equipment with input and output terminals on an octal or undecal base. It can contain one or two printed circuits that can be inserted from the underside. The front panel snaps on or is part of the box and can be used to hold leds/ lights or display devices.  3M DIN CASE Container for electronic equipment that can …

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Trójfazowa tablica sterująca z elektronicznym sterowaniem.

3F Control

Jedno i trójfazowy kontroler sieci.


Control products presented by MAC3 is ideal for measuring electrical parameters in both the industrial and civil fields.

Other control instruments 1

SEQUENCER  Pump alternating relays This device, thanks to the use of a pressure switch inserted in the circuit, permits the control and inversion of the 2 pumps in the autoclave systems. The system depends on the state of a float, which prevents its function in the absence of water.  It is possible to insert a second pressure switch (or emergency pressure switch) that allows for …

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The accessories manufactured by MAC3.

Pressure sensors

Sensor interfaceable with computerised systems with input voltage or current.