Other control instruments 1


Pump alternating relays

This device, thanks to the use of a pressure switch inserted in the circuit, permits the control and inversion of the 2 pumps in the autoclave systems. The system depends on the state of a float, which prevents its function in the absence of water. 

It is possible to insert a second pressure switch (or emergency pressure switch) that allows for both pumps to operate when one is insufficient to maintain the pressure of the system in the required supply conditions. 

Furthermore, in the event of a faulty pump the circuit recognizes the state and permits the activation of the other one thereby always allowing for water delivery. Thanks to this device, it is possible to realize the control of the conventional autoclave system, with the sole addition of the contactor and the termal part, at greatly reduced costs. 


Electronic device for the control and command of 2 or 3 pumps 

The Sequencer3 is a device that provides the possibility to control and command 2 or 3 pumps in autoclave systems with the help of:

  • No. 1 working pressure switch PW that activates in sequence (one at a time) various pumps.
  • No. 2 pressure switches (PS1 – PS2) regulated at different pressures (the pressure of PS1 is higher than that of PS2), but yet inferior to that of the working pressure switch PW. These pressure switches control the activation of two other pumps, the purpose of which is to maintain the water pressure in the system in the conditions requested when only one pump is insufficient.
  • A float switch prevents the functioning when no water is present. When there is the presence of water, the contacts of the float switch are closed (closes high).

Activation of the pumps in sequence by way of the working pressure switch means that all the pumps connected to the system are activated in rotation so that it is never the same pump that starts out first.

By using this criteria, all the pumps can function in a uniform manner thus, avoiding the possibility that one or more pumps can stop working due to prolonged inactivity. The Sequencer3 can function in the automatic or manual mode by selecting this option by means of an external switch to be connected to the the appropriate clamps. Two led on the front panel permit one to see in which mode the device is functioning;

  • red led = Automatic;
  • yellow led = Manual.

In the Automatic mode, the controls that come from the pressure switches are activated and consequently, automatically activate or deactivate the pumps (power on/off). In the Manual mode, the activation of the pumps can only be done manually by way of appropriate push buttons present on the front panel of the device. By connecting to terminals 6-7-8-9, it’s possible to command the Sequencer3 from a distance. 

The control of two or three pumps can be selected by means of a dipswitch present on inside of the front panel of the device. With a screwdriver it is possible to remove the front panel and reach the dipswitch. 


Rain water control

The MWRC1 is a device that permits the automatic control of the use of rain water in place of that which comes from the aqueduct when drinking water is not strictly necessary.

The device also checks that the cistern that collects the rain water is at the correct level needed, by automatically switching to the aqueduct water if water level is low or absent.

After the installation and the electrical wiring has been made by specialized personnel, the MWRC1 will perfectly your system in the use of rain water. The green LED „System Ready” turns on, the device is set on automatic, and from that moment on the MWRC1 will check the level of water in your cistern and automatically switch over to the aqueduct water in a situation where there is not enough water in the cistern. As soon as the cistern reaches the minimum level, the device returns to the position of the use of rain water, thus avoiding an unnecessary consumption of water from the aqueduct. 

By pressing the „Simulation Low Level Rain Water” button, it is possible to simulate the lack of water in the cistern; for as long as the button is held down, the system will operate with water that comes from the aqueduct. Once a day a valve is automatically switched on to make sure that the device is operating properly. If one should choose to operate the system with only drinking water ( for example, during maintenance) the device can be set on „Permanent Fresh Water”, thus by-passing the rain water cistern. 

The model MWCR2 model has a display that shows the water level in the cistern. This level has to be surveyed by a special sensor that can be bought separately and usually comes equipped with a 10 meter cable. 


Rain water control

Raincontrol is a device for the totally automated control of the use of rainwater instead of that of the mains water supply, in cases in which drinking water is not strictly necessary.

The device also monitors the rainwater recovery tanks in order to ensure that the water is at a correct level for use, and is automatically commutated in cases of low water levels, or in the event of total absence of water, into main water supply. 

Raincontrol will monitor the level of the water inside your tank, and will immediately commutate to the mains water supply in the event of a lack of water. Once the tank has been restored to minimum level the appliance will return to rainwater mode, thereby avoiding any consumption of the mains water supply that is not strictly necessary.

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