Direct read-out electronic level gauge regulator Sensopress is a direct read-out electronic level gauge and high technology level regulator which can be used in drinking water, sandy water and liquid food products or, with, suitable installations, in dirty water and corrosive liquids. 
The gauging is carried out by a particurarly sensitive pressure sensor, and the signal is electronically transformed into „height of water column” in order to be read on the display. 


Measurement is made by a very sensitive pressure sensor, whose signal, which is transformed and processed by a microcontroller, is converted into „water column height”, measured in centimeters.

The front panel of the Sensopress is equipped with a LCD display, on which all the information, relative to the device, is visualized, as well as three function keys for interaction and parameter modification, as well as establishing the intervention points in which to activate or deactivate a control relay of any powered appliance (such as a pump, motor) or indicator ( lights, alarms etc,). 


Sensopress complementary module for increasing the number of tripping points

The indispensable complementary module for controlling several pieces of equipment.
Expand is a complementary module for increasing the number of tripping points of the Sensopress, the innovative, direct read-out electronic liquid level reglator/gauge.

In fact, the combination of Expand and Sensopres (mod. E) makes from one to four channels available for controlling connected equipment (pumps, alarms, solenoid valves). 

MAC 3, leader in the study and design of new equipment for the hydraulic sector, in a constant effort to satisfy its user, has thus also taken into consideration the needs of those with several pieces of equipment to control. 

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